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About Buddy Boy Provisions
Welcome to Buddy Boy Provisions website. We are proud to distribute the full line of high quality Thumann's brand deli products. In addition to Thumann's deli meats and products we are also a full line Wholesale Food Distributor. We deliver everything from eggs to legs of veal. Don't let Boars Head bully you around. Take back your store and display Thummans deli products with pride.

Service Area
Our primary wholesale food delivery area is New York, and Northern New Jersey.

Service's Offered
Buddy Boy Provisions is dedicated to providing our customers with services that are not offered by other wholesale food distributors. These days it is important to use technology to keep a leg up on the competition. That is why Buddy Boy provisions is building a Food Ordering Mall. Your customers will be able to view your menu and order directly on-line! You can receive the orders via fax, text msg, or dedicated computer.

Thumann's Products that we have on our truck daily:
  • Thumann's Gourmet Turkey
  • Thumann's Roast Beef
  • Thumann's Smoked Turkey
  • Thumann's Cracked Pepper Turkey
  • Thumann's Black Forest Ham
  • Thumanns S/C Baby Ham
  • Thumann's Honey Turkey
  • Thumann's Roast Pork
  • Thumann's Bologna
  • Thumann's Liverwurst
  • Thumann's Salads
  • Thumann's Honey Mustard
  • Thumann's Cream Cheese
  • Thumann's Swiss Cheese
  • Thumann's Mozzarella
  • Thumann's Provolone

Thumann's products that we get on special order:
  • Thumann's Bratwurst
  • Thumann's Knockwurst
  • Thumann's Hotdogs
  • Thumann's Soups
  • Plus 1,100+ other Thumann products!

As the #1 thumanns deli meat distributor. We can handle all of your wholesale food needs!
Thumann's Roast Beef Thumann's Turkey Thumann's Ham Thumann's Cheese Thumann's Italian Thumann's Bologna